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BioMed Targets is a management consultancy specialized in supporting scientists, and clinicians in the process of obtaining grants and management of advanced research projects in the biomedical field. Our company provides affordable biomedical project management to a wide range of organisations and specialists. Our comprehensive approach delivers added value capabilities in grant search, project development, and data communication strategies.

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Our main objective is to provide high quality and affordable advising services and biomedical project proposal preparation.

Traditionally, only big companies and science organizations with large funding pools could afford guidance and proposal preparation assistance. Our affordable services help level the playing field; we provide high-quality options with competitive rates.

Our highly experienced research team has decades of experience in fellowship and grant applications, as well as a long history in science communications. We seek to develop creative ideas and propose innovative solutions in the increasingly competitive field of biomedicine. Where others see the mounting challenges of biomedical research, we see a field ready for the most creative ideas, and open to our innovative solutions.
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Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine (Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain) with solid Neuroscience research experience as a postdoc researcher at Cajal Institute. Experience managing biomedicine research projects as well as proposal writing and drafting for scientists and clinicians from different organizations. Evaluator of the Bank of Experts of the Spanish State Research Agency. Dynamic, highly motivated and decisive person, with outstanding analytical and communication skills, with a vision of a better future for science, in which our project can help build success through innovation and management.

Patricia García Sanz

Founder BioMed Targets
BioMed Targets

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